Homosexuality and The Pope | Patrick Buki Achi

Homosexuality and The Pope | Patrick Buki Achi

Just as Jesus was asked a question out of trick by the Pharisees in yesterday’s Gospel taken from the Gospel of Mathew 22: 34-40, the Pope was asked a question in similar vain sometime around 2015 to 2016 period on whether he will allow gays and Homosexuals into the church, the Pope answered simply and smartly, ‘if they come into the Church, who am I to Judge them?’

That answer has since generated serious controversy and misinterpretation by the mainstream media who have twisted the words of the ‘Holy See’ in news headlines to interpret legal acceptance of Homosexuality in the church.

The Catholic Church, the mother that midwives all Christian faith and teachings have come under serious pressure by LGBT groups demanding the Church to accept Homosexuality and the rights of gays. Recently, the Pope in a documentary made mention of the need to have a civil coexistence law ‘Convivencia Civil’ to protect all gays against all forms of hate, mistreatment and rejection within their family circles and immediate communities. Again this statement was misinterpreted and spread like wild fire by the Mainstream media on news headlines to suggest that the Pope has finally endorsed civil union laws.

One of the cardinal doctrine of the Catholic Church is peace and love and the Church will never forsake anyone base on sexual orientation. In the documentary titled, ‘Francesco’, Pope Francis stated clearly that, “Homosexuals have the right to be in the family. They are children of God, they have right to a family. No one can be thrown off the family, or make life impossible for that.” The Pope in this statement was only re-echoing what the church has always defended, the dignity of the people and is proposing civil laws to protect homosexuals from abuse in their family environment.

The Church however has never stopped to maintain it’s stand on Homosexuality as a sin against the flesh and against God. Despite Homosexuality being a sin, it does not justify any abuse or neglect on the rights of persons that are Homosexuals. Just as Christ, the Church loves homosexuals but hates homosexuality. “For Christ did not come for those who are healthy and need no healthcare but rather for those who are sick, whose wounds need tendering.”

It does not go without stating that homosexuals need help, they need psychological, physical and spiritual help. Many atimes proponents of Homosexuality have centered their argument on instances signaling that some persons are born homosexuals, but this does not check the fact that most homosexuals were attracted or coerced into such lifestyle.

We must continue to minister Christ’s salvation to homosexuals just like to any other sinner rather than condemning and abusing them. Selah.

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