Nok University and the future of Education | Emmanuella Obi

Nok University and the future of Education | Emmanuella Obi

Education, the bedrock of enlightenment. Education without doubt has been embraced across the length and breadth of the world. It’s a day to day activity, we learn everyday consciously or unconsciously. Education could either be formal or informal. In the formal setting, institutions are established to achieve the sole aim of impacting knowledge into students who have taken interest in a particular field.
Education in this part of the world has encountered so many forces that has caused setbacks for students who are pursuing a degree in a particular field of interest.

There are several factors affecting the educational sector such as strike which has become almost a yearly ritual, fundings for infrastructures, research and other developments, this has elongated the year of study for a program putting an impediment on students’ goals causing them to spend extra years in the universities. This mostly occur in government owned institutions. This has prompted the rise in both private and mission tertiary institutions to spring up across the country to see that students acquire their degree at the stipulated time and also to bring healing to the ailing education sector.

I am happy and proud to inform you of the emergence of such citadel of learning in Kaduna State. Behold, NOK University; the first proposed private university in the state. A new generation Institute for science inclined courses is birthed. NOK University will offer benchmarked educational programs for the Nigerian community, it is also open to foreign students.
NOK University; the first proposed private university in Kaduna state is located in Kachia, which is on the outskirt, about 92 km to the Kaduna central city. Kachia is located on latitude 9°867N and longitude 7°950E. It is about an hour and a half drive to the main city where the airport is located,this will reduce long road trips for those coming from far distance and also allow them to enjoy the panoramic view of the much revered Kaduna city.

The founder, Mr Anthony Hassan has amplified that the proposed university was birthed out of the purpose to augment to government’s efforts in education. He also iterated that the university when approved by the university governing body in the country which is the Nigerian University Commission (NUC), that it will focus on science related courses and faculties such as engineering, environmental sciences and medicine will be established.

We strongly believe that the birth of this new dream and the emergence of this pioneer private university in the state will solve some of the problems in the education sector and reduce it to the barest minimum, such as admit students whose interest are in the sciences, create an organized and enjoyable workforce enabling lecturers to showcase their creativity and excellence in the lecture theatres, revivifying the education sector with it modern and state-of-the-art facilities. This will enable a conducive learning environment that will allow quick and easy assimilation of things learnt, and in turn produce brilliant, intelligent, enlightened, educated, eloquent, employable and smart graduates who can replicate what they learnt in the course of their program and can defend their certificates. This graduates will be able to stand the test of time in the outside walls of the institution, stand the storms of life, create working systems, build equipments, proffer solutions to problems and create value.

Welcome to the world of NOK, watch out for NOK in the fullness of it’s glory!


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