Refuting the Fabrications: A Rejoinder | J.F. Dabo

Refuting the Fabrications: A Rejoinder | J.F. Dabo


It is with a pained heart that a take out this little time to put together this rejoinder against the Fabrications of the Coalition. Of United Muslim Group Kaduna State (UMKAS), Muslim Youths Foundation of Southern Kaduna (MYFOSA), Nasihatu Alhlizzaman Southern Kaduna Muslim Forum (NASKMF), and Zumunta Youths Development (ZYDA) Kasuwan Magani. It is worthy of note that apart from MYFOSA that I have attended some meetings with regards to peace building in southern Kaduna, all the other groups are new to me. For those who knows our efforts in the struggle for peace in southern Kaduna especially since 2016, they will be shock to hear that I am only coming to the knowledge of this groups today. But for me there is but two facts, one is that I have very strong reasons to believe that this groups are non existent, if they are then they are new groups.

I have worked very closely with the Deputy Imam of Jema’a LGA (Mami), and with many youths from Jema’a LGA and alot other places. I have been to the palace of the Emir of Jema’a a number of times and these Muslims youths led me there in most cases. If for any reasons I should take this serious, it is not because of any regard to the group for I even doubt their existence, but my reaction is just to set the record straight so that the general public is not led astray.

I shall be taking the submissions of UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA in bits and making my clearification, but before that let me remind that in 2017 I had course to write a rejoinder like this against the Zazzau Emirate Development Association (ZEMDA) and the aim of their press statement then was to lay claims to these southern Kaduna communities that UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA are today making claims of, Dr. Jibia was made to reply me but to God’s glory, the facts are there to show that even he could not refute my counter to the ZEMDA Press release then. The point is simply to say that UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA are not doing a new thing and that their claims are not well founded as they are writing on unrealistic and naratives that they cannot even verify, to some extent I escuss their ignorance so for them to, this rejoinder is necessary.

In this opening section UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA attempted to write a historical back of southern Kaduna and from here we could see the Fabrications openly and the fact that they do not even understand what they are trying to change. In their Statement they said that “Kaduna State has 23 Local Government Areas and is divided into three Geo-political zones, The Northern, Central and Southern zones.” Which is true. They went further to say that “Southern Kaduna consist of eight (8) Local Government Areas namely: Jaba. Jema’a. Kachia, Kagarko, Kaura, Kauru, Sanga, and Zangon Kataf.” But this is where they got it mixed because that is Kaduna South Senatorial district that they described and not southern Kaduna.

Southern Kaduna is a region situated within the central plains of Northern Nigeria located between Longitude 5° and 7° East. It covers all the aforementioned LGAs of Kaduna South Senatorial district and some of Kaduna Central Senatorial district, to include among the aforementioned Kajuru, Chikun, Lere, and some parts of Kaduna South and Kaduna North LGAs. This is not a new invention, this is something that even the elders should affirm. But let me prove it more convincingly.

With the aid of the British Colonial masters, in an effort to impose Emirate Rule over southern Kaduna in the early 90s, particularly we know of that Zaria Province was formed with Captain Abaie as resident and Mr. Donishthorpe as Assistant resident based at Wushishi and that formation was done in 1902. But in an attempt at reconstituting the new Zaria Province without Wushishi and Zungeru in 1904 two (2) major divisions of the then Zaria province were created namely; Nothern Zaria which was the main division with headquarters in Zaria city and Southern Kaduna (then called Southern Zaria) with headquarters variously at Kajuru, Kachia and Zangon Kataf (refer to E. J. Arnett; “Gazetteer of Zaria Province,” P. 7-11). Now to establish my argument abouth some parts of Kaduna Central as equally southern Kaduna I provide her the distitcts that constitutes Southern Zaria then and they are:  Chikun, Kajuru, Bishini, Birakatu, Kauru, Chawai, Lere, Kachia, Zangon Kataf, Kagarko, Kagoro, Moro’a, Kwoi, Jema’a, Gwantu and Ayu. Even among this districts already you will realize that the LGAs that make up southern Kaduna today is more than the eight (8) listed by UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA. This is because we now have 1. Chikun LGA, 2. Kajuru LGA, 3. Kauru LGA, 4. Lere LGA, 5. Kachia LGA, 6. Zangon Kataf LGA, 7. Kagarko LGA, 8. Kaura LGA (Kagoro, Moro’a), 9. Kwoi as Jaba LGA, 10. Jema’a LGA, and 11. Gwantu, Ayu, as Sanga LGA just from the above-listed districts alone. This explains why I say UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA don’t even know the area that they seek to lay claims to.

On Southern Kaduna Ethnic Groups:
UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA equally wrote that southern Kaduna “…has about thirty (30) ethnic groups, among which include: Hausa-Fulanis, Jaba (Ham), Atyab (Kataf), Kadara (Adara), Bajju (Kaje)…” That is far below the truth, southern Kaduna has about sixty (60) ethnic groups and they are in this distribution:
A. Central southern Kaduna has ethnic groups to include among others Atyap, Bajju, Agworok, Asholio, Fantswam, Ninkyop, Bakulu, Attakad, Tyecharak, Angan e.t.c.

B. South-Western southern Kaduna has ethnic groups to include among others, Ham Kpop, Ham Gar, Gwong, Shambang, Ham Duhyah, Ham Chori, Ham Det, Netkun e.t.c. (refer to M.G Smith, “Social Organization and Economy of the Kagoro” P. 6.)

C. At the southern tip of southern Kaduna are the following ethic groups; Anika, Anayu, Gwantu, Numana, Mada, Ninku, Nindem, Abu, Ningishe, Ningu, Nandu, Tari.

D. North Central and Western part of southern Kaduna has among others; Ajure, Afogo, Asha, Anumafa, Ada, Semi Ajure, all of Adara Cluster.

E. The north Eastern part of southern Kaduna has the following among others, Igbira, Anirago, Anunu, Kuvori, Koonu, Kiwollo, Tumi, Mala, Amap, Atsam, Abisi, Amalan, Surubu, Mbang, Asennini, Bunu, Atom, Abinu, Atumu, Akurmi.
Counting from A-E you will notice I listed about 59 ethnic groups already, some of these groups may appear strange to many but that is because I mentioned them in their original southern Kaduna native name’s not the adulterated names like Kataf for Atyap, Ikulu for Bakulu, Koro for Netkun, Ninzam for Aninka, Ruruma for Mala or Kurama for Akurmi..

On Major Towns of Southern Kaduna
About the major towns in southern Kaduna UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA claims that “Most of the major towns in Southern Kaduna were founded by Hausa Fulani, eg: Zango, Kachia, Unguwan Rimi, Zankuwa, Kagarko, Jere and Jama’a (Kafanchan).” This is unfortunately a lie, even His Excellency in his most recent Channels TV interview affirmed that Zangon Kataf has the Indigenous Kataf, and Hausa Settlers. It is cheap for UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA to attempt cooking this lie. But this is not knew, even before the coming of the British and their attempt at the imposition of Emirate rule in southern Kaduna there has been claims like this but let me educate UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA for free.

Verifiable evidence exist about the middlebealt of Nigeria being a recipient of cohorts of migrants from places like Egypt, Sudan, Lake Chad, Borno, Bauchi, and the south East through the Cameroon mountains, Bamenda e.t.c (refer to Ibrahim James; “Studies in the Southern Kaduna Politics and Culture”, P. 5). This is also supported by C.K. Meek in his work “The Bother Tribes of Nigeria, Vol. 1,” Pp. 19-20 where he stated this; “Borno became the broadway for invading tribes because it was well connected with Egypt by Darfur and Kordofan, and could be approached from Kanem via Lake Chad. It provided that migratory corridor along which hordes and hordes of Invaders from the North and East displaced less organised tribes. The displaced tribes found easy passage west along the Kamadugu River and the great plains of Borno, Kano, Katsina, and Zaria to the South. Some of the causes of the migrations are talked of as drought, desertifications, deforestation, over-grazing, overcultivation e.t.c.,

In this Sahel-savan region drought and desertification is held as main catalyst for the mass demographic movement. This induced migrant communities were responsible for the establishment of Hausa farming Colonies in central Nigeria entirely. Particularly is southern Kaduna, the Hausa farming Colonies established in the precolonial and colonial period were: Kweillo in Birnin Gwari, Doka in Adara land, Kargi and Doka in Akurmi land, Jengre in Amo land, Kuda in Jaba land, Barnin Kogi in Atyap land (refer to J. Woodford, “Patterns of Settlements in Southern Zaria in Savana” Vol. 3, No. 1, June, 1974 p. 54.)
Another cause of the invading of particularly the Hausa Fulani nations in Southern Kaduna is Commerce. Within southern Kaduna there were such trade routes in the tran-sahara trade days as follows:
A. The route from Kano, Faki, Zaria, through Kauru, Fatake (Zangon Kataf), Keffi, Nupeland, Oyo to Gonna (Ghonja).

B. The route from Kano, Zaria, Igabi, Kakuri, Kajuru, Kachia, Kagarko, Keffi, Oyo, to Gonna.

C. The Bauchi route through Jos, Bukuru, Miango, Fadan Chawai, Kurmin Rizga, Zangon Kataf, Jere, Abuja, Lokoja.

D. The route from Kano, Gadas, Lere, Zangon Kataf, Jema’a, Lokoja. (refer to I. James, “Ecological Changes as Catalytic Agents for Shifting Demographic and Settlements Patterns in the Savannah Region of Central Nigeria,” p. 9.). Still within southern Kaduna there were over 8 local trade routes, within Bajju land were 5, Adara land had 4, Akurmi land had 4, and Agworok land had 6 local trade routes respectively. The Muslim Preachers, scholars and traders came along these routes. These routes were catalyst for the emergence of Hausa trading colonies in southern Kaduna, some of these colonies that sprang mostly along these trade routes are Zangon Aya, Pambeguwa, Rahama, Saminaka, Lere, Kauru, Kajuru, Kachia, Kagarko, Here, Zangon Fatake (now Zangon Kataf, Jema’a Dororo (now Kafanchan). The Zango that UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA claims was founded by hausa is situated along two major trade routes which are the North to South and the North to East trade routes and Zankon Kataf for this reason became on of the largest trading centres second only to Zaria in size and importance as affirmed by the late M. D. U. Ninyio, in his work “The Kagoro and Their Neighbors, A Critical Study of Inter-Grouo Relations in Central Nigeria up to 1960”, M.A. Thesis, University of Jos, 1993, p. 109.

The Kachia which UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA also lay claims as founded by the Hausa Fulani developed as a military town when the Entire of Zaria Abubakar 1873 – 1876 appointed a Ma’ajin Kachia, with Tatumare and Ikulu convert to the office of Kuyambana-Commander of the lifidi (heavy armed cavalry) to protect the trade routes by policing the Bumulu (Ikulu), Angan (Kamantan), and the Ham (Jaba) because the district head of Kajuru could not effectively keep these Southern Kaduna groups in check to the advantage of the Zazzau Emirate. (refer to B. Achi “Warfare as an Aspect of Kataf – Hausa Relations in the 19th Century.” A paper Presented at the National Conference on Confluence Nigerians: History, Man and Culture in Niger-Benue Confluence Region, Lokoja, 27 September – 20 October, 1987, p.18.).

Simply put, Zankon Kataf, Kachia and Kagarko were trading settlements granted to the Hausa itinerant traders by Atyap, Adara and Koro respectively. Though they based there but these Hausa settlers considered themselves as subjects to the Emir of Zazzau. Zazzau did organized slave raiding expectations into these areas but with little or no success.let me allow this point rest here.

Issue of Population:
UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA also called that Hausa Fulani were the largest single tribe in Southern Kaduna, but that is untrue, infact the British colonialist aided the dwelling of Hausa Fulani in Southern Kaduna the more particularly from 1990. Before then, Zazzau Emirate was always laying claims to being in control of the entire Southern Kaduna but the coming of the British reveled to them that infact Zazzau is not in control of Southern Kaduna, Zazzau only invaded Southern Kaduna to when they needed slaves to supply, food to steal and other similar attacks.

When the British finally conquered Zaria in 1902, southern Kaduna people were independent, autonomous, self-contained, homogeneous village areas under our traditional independent chiefs or Priest-chiefs. It was the British Colonial administration under Captain Abadie and Mr. E.J. Arnett, Residents for Zaria provinces since 1902 that subordinated southern Kaduna people under Zaria for administrative convince. Though Zazzau always paraded herself as master over Southern Kaduna despite the unsuccessful attempts to conquer these southern Kaduna communities especially during the resign of Emir Abdullahi, and his successor Emir Sambo 1881-1890, but as Mr. C. G. Ames will describe, the rulers of Zazzau and Jema’a were lying, the relationship between them and the southern Kaduna people were marked by hostility and never those of conquest and subjugation.

Zazzau never had control of Southern Kaduna, it was the desire of the British to win the cooperation of the Emirs for their “Indirect Rule” system, and for that, the British pursued the policy of forcible subordination of southern Kaduna people under the Emirate system between 1901-1914. This was achieved by the stationing of the British Infantry at Kachia under Assistant Resident E. J. Arnett in 1904 to coerrce the southern Kaduna people into submission.

But still it didn’t necessarily meant that the Hausas took over Southern Kaduna, no, even with the coersion Zazzau still ruled southern Kaduna through title officials as Katuka, Makama, Wambai, Kuyambana, Maajjin Babba, Fatika e.t.c. The resident chiefs, district heads, were posted from Zaria and that is for those that were Hausa Fulani, if Hausa Fulani had the highest population as UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA claimed there wouldn’t have been need to post from Zaria. 11 District heads were posted to Kachia from Zaria between 1902 – 1996 with Dangaladima Zubeiru, D.H. Kachia 1902 – 1905 to Ma’ajin Babba Malam Musa Gaiya, D.H. 1985-1996. For Zangon Kataf were 10 district Heads between 1902-1995 with the then District head of Kauru administering Zango 1902-1914 to the era of Kuyambana Mal. Bala Dauke 1967-1995 before he became the Agwatyap I in 1995. And Kagarko had 6 from Musa Bubu D.H who lasted on throne to 1911 to the era of Alhaji Suleiman Tanko Mohammadu Lawal 1960-1995. I will leave out the issue of the security challenge because they were only listed and not described to explain how that necessarily established that Hausa Fulani owned Southern Kaduna and we’re displaced by the present ethinc groups.

I find it laughable that UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA will simply say “the Muslims were always referred to as settlers, while it is historically on record that Southern Kaduna was founded by Fulani tribe called KACHECHERE.” Sadly they didn’t offer us a reference to this claim, and I have advanced arguments above with references that disproves of this hence no need repeating. I don’t figure out what they hope to prove by the statement that reads “It is important to note that by immigration the tribes in Southern Kaduna migrated from other part of the Country. (Some came in the morning, some in the afternoon and others in the evening).” As to the statements that claims that “For instance, the Bajju or Kaje migrated from Bauchi; Atyap (Kataf) migrated from Kargi – the East part of Zaria; Kaninkon and Kagoma from Taraba; Jaba and Koro from Kano etc.” Well let me establish that each of the southern Kaduna ethnic group has her myth of origin, and other historic facts that can be assessed with little of no stress.

There is the need to understand the demographic coverage of the issue of Jema’a emirate which UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA was founded by the Hausa-Fulani in 1810.” Sure there are references that claim that but there are many that refute that. But most importantly, the coverage of Jema’a Emirate is but a small area or community in Kafanchan Town of the Fantswam and other minority southern Kaduna ethnic groups. It is important to note that the statement “debunk…Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU) of its personal interest that its members are the only indigenes of Southern Kaduna.” Is a contradiction. If they claim they founded where they say the founded in southern Kaduna, if they started listing the southern Kaduna ethnic groups with Hausa Fulani, why then make statements that excludes them from SOKAPU which is literally “Southern Kaduna People’s Union.” You see, if you will lie, don’t contradict yourself. By this statement UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA suggest that they are original owners of southern Kaduna or some part of, but at same time they are not part of southern Kaduna. I think the spells it out.

These are the issues that I felt needed to be put right. At this material time, it is not a matter of who is who in southern Kaduna, it is a matter of a thread to humanity which places the duty on us all with total disregard to the things that separate us to focus on a common front, establish a formidable force that will help in bringing back to us the old good days that we are told of. We might have been told divisive naratives most of which are wrong but the truth lay just by the side of the false narative. We should reason and apply logic in most of these things.

My kind question to UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA is how much longer do we still want to hold to this narations that suggests we have a revenge to carry out? Many of us were not yet born when these issues happened if infact they happened the way we are told. I wasn’t even born when the Kafanchan 1987 riot happened, this is because I was born April 1987 while the crisis was around January or February 1987 but there are narratives that supports that I should be killed in revenge of all these that I know nothing about, what sort of a revenge is that? If UMKAS, MYFOSA, NASKMF and ZYDA then I am happy to now learn of the existence of all, but the question should be, how can we join hands to build a peaceful Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State and Nigeria? And with that I leave you.

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  1. Beautiful submission my brother. Been previewing your write up on Facebook since the spite of this killing. With this, you’ve raise the bar for me and am sure the SOKAPU is indeed blessed to have you.

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