SKARF: The story of a timely humanitarian intervention

SKARF: The story of  a timely humanitarian intervention

Southern Kaduna Resilience Fund (SKARF) is a humanitarian intervention by House of Justice. A project poised to give hope to survivors of violence and bloodletting in Southern Kaduna while rehabilitating beneficiaries through psychosocial support, education and entrepreneurship empowerment.

According to SKARF project officer, Rahila Luka, the initiative has an implementation plan of 5 years. “Aside from education and entrepreneurship, we also have a counseling plan for the project. Another rehabilitation thrust is to build houses for victims of attacks whose houses were burnt down.

SKARF had kick-started on Friday, 5th December 2021 at Ungwan Zawu IDP Camp in Gonin-Gora Community. At present, women and girls in the camp are evaluated to engage them in various skills acquisition programmes. While school aged children are engaged in academic activities, the project will train and equip teachers in the camp and subsequently employ them to teach displaced kids.

On Friday 27 November,2020 At The HOJ Complex, Barnawa, Kaduna, in a press statement issued by House of Justice, on Southern Kaduna Resilience Fund. The Chief Executive Officer of House of Justice Gloria Ballason Esq. The CEO said, the initiative is set to rebuild communities, restore livelihoods and education for children of the communities affected by herdsmen attacks. According to the chief executive officer, “From 1st December, 2020 to 30 November 2021, House of Justice and its present 6,477 partners across 25 countries will raise the sum of N100 Million naira ($250,000) to support the rebuilding of homes, livelihood and education in Southern Kaduna.”
She further added, “House of Justice as an organization commits to a 5-year education support from January 2021- December 2025 as its corporate social responsibility.

Southern Kaduna Resilience Fund is aimed at harnessing the essence of generosity of the human spirit and the fact that it is only in extending our kindness to others that anyone truly lives. It is in light of the foregoing that the fund invites all and sundry to contribute their widow’s mite to provide succor for the displaced people in Southern Kaduna.
To achieve these lofty landmarks, House of Justice is working with two community based NGOs, namely; Resilient Aid and Dialogue Initiative (RADI) and Kunak Foundation as implementing partners.
“The needs assessment we carried out has shown that the biggest need and priority of the victims in Southern Kaduna is to be able to return back to their homes. As it stands residents of over 100 communities have been sacked and those communities have been occupied by bandits and marauders.”
Ballason calls on the federal government to live up to its constitutional responsibility and provide security and welfare.
The initiative also appeals for those who wish to work as volunteers to avail themselves to help achieve the set goals. House of Justice had in a communiqué said; “We request for volunteer counselors, psychologists, trauma assistants and teachers who can work in camps and the affected communities. We kindly request for donations that will go into rebuilding houses in the communities and for the support of means of livelihood and education.”
“We will leave no one behind on this mission. On 18 December, 2020 House of Justice Crew Members and Volunteers will lead their commitment at a Cocktail. From 19-22 December 2020 we shall work with children and teenagers who will lead a resource mobilization drive to share their food, clothes and education materials with children like them in the affected communities.”

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