Tales By Moonlight | Ahmed Joe

Tales By Moonlight | Ahmed Joe

Kano is now officially the only place in Nigeria where a bottle of Coke is more expensive than that of beer. This is because over there 1,975,000 bottles of beer are worth only N200 million. It does not take any hashtag EndBeers protest to know that at a unit cost of less than N100 the entire exercise recently in Kano implies the Nigerian factor during counting and estimation. Either way history has been made worthy of the Guinness Book of Records. No Pure Water Book of Records!

Was the destroyed commodity part of the private sector driven Covid-19 palliatives? This must be a stupid question as Kano does not recuse itself from VAT payments on the adult beverage coming from elsewhere in Nigeria.

I am glad that the present generation of Kano are not prisoners of their past because in the 1960s the Northern Region government commissioned North Breweries to boost the economy of that ancient city. All the value added while that establishment was in existence must now be identified and destroyed also.

My concern is the environmental hazard particularly on the gentlemen that carried out the destruction without Personal Protection Equipment. I hope the bulldozer driver was able to identify his way home after a hard day’s work. As for the neighbors around the dump site – happy hangover from aerial precipitation.

During the 1932 US presidential campaign, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had come out against Prohibition. The 18th Amendment, ratified 13 years earlier, banned the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors all over America. Meant to end the curse of alcoholism, it had led instead to lawlessness and helped foster organized crime massively empowering the Mafia. A few months after being sworn into office President Roosevelt declared on March 12, 1933; “I think this would be a good time for beer.”
Simply put the irrefutable laws of Economics must always prevail – whenever there is high demand of anything there must be steady supply for it!

The moral here is instituting control measures in distribution and sale – exactly what Roosevelt did by effective taxation and careful zoning. The Mafia was decapitated and Roosevelt went on to be president for an unprecedented 3 terms. Of course the dynamics are different in Kano. The laws of Economics are however universal!

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