Why a Security outfit like Amotekun is timely – SOKAPU

Why a Security outfit like Amotekun is timely – SOKAPU

The President of Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, SOKAPU and a former member of the House of Representatives, Jonathan Asake, has condemned a statement by presidential spokesperson, Mallam Garba Shehu, that the kiIIings in Southern Kaduna were politically  motivated and orchestrated by criminal gangs.

On July 21, Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman, issued a statement saying the recent kiIIingsd in Kaduna are motivated by politics and revenge.

The presidency said the situation in that part of the state is more complicated than what most people think, and that southern Kaduna enjoys comprehensive security deployments.

“From available security records, the problem in Southern Kaduna is an evil combination of politically – motivated killings and mutual violence by criminal gangs acting on ethnic and religious grounds,” Shehu had said.

The state governor, Nasir el-Rufai, also said though the kiIIings are usually given ethnic and religious undertones, the bandits still “attack people irrespective of their religion or ethnicity”.

He also blamed the southern Kaduna youths of attacking innocent Fulani herdsmen in the name of reprisal.

But Asake said the fact that Kaduna State government did not respond to Shehu’s statement suggested complicity in the kiIIings.

He said, “The kiIIings will not end. Did you see the statement by the Presidency issued by Garba Shehu? That statement only shows the conspiracy against our people at the highest level because what Garba Shehu said is a reflection of the thinking of Kaduna State government.

“Some people are acting as if they are the owners of Nigeria. When people are being kiIIed, they make statements that don’t hold water.

“The anger and call for regional police system is everywhere now with this recent kiIIing more than ever before. The recent kiIIings has reinforced agitation for regional police in Southern Kaduna.”

Asked if the union would meet with the governor to find an end to the kiIIings, Asake said it wouldn’t resolve anything because the state had no governor.

“We are not meeting any governor. We don’t have a governor in Kaduna State but we have a hater; we have somebody who hates the people of Southern Kaduna for nothing. So meeting him will not change anything,” he said.

However, SOKAPU said the agitation for regional security outfits like the Amotekun security agency in the South- West is in full force.

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